Wedding Fireworks Queensland

Celebrate your happily ever after with a moment of grandeur

Mark your special occasion with the pop, crackle, and sparkle of a custom fireworks display.
Fireworks, a sparkling fountain, or a confetti shower – create a moment of grandeur on your special day.

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Create a special moment on your big day

Fireworks add a really special something to your day. It’s a moment of celebration, a dash of grandeur, and, importantly, a spectacular photographic moment. Our wedding fireworks have become the perfect backdrop for countless wedding photos and videos alike.

Create a uniquely special entrance to your reception or a fun and exciting exit to commemorate your happily ever after with a choreographed fireworks display. Fireworks can be choreographed to your wedding song, or we can produce a custom soundtrack for the event.

Why couples choose Wedding Fireworks Queensland

An exciting & memorable moment

These stunning displays create a moment you and your soon-to-be spouse will cherish forever. Your guests will rave about it for years to come, too.

High-level service & dedicated planners

Once you book your display, you'll be assigned a dedicated planner who will work with your team to ensure everything runs seamlessly on the day.

Discreet setup & fully managed service

You don't have to worry about seeing crew running around your venue with supplies on the day. We work seamlessly in the background ensuring every aspect of our service is perfect.

All weather conditions

Your dedicated planner will come prepared to make sure your display works no matter the space or weather.

Seamless displays with detailed control

With the best technology available we have tight control over our fireworks and equipment. It's how we produce seamless firework and fountain displays.

Simply stunning choreography

Your wedding song or a custom soundtrack, you'll be amazed by the stunning choreography of your wedding fireworks. All in your chosen colours and feature effects.

About Wedding Fireworks Queensland

Wedding Fireworks Queensland is a subsidiary of Skylighter Fireworks, an Australian fireworks company that completes more than 660 shows a year on Australia’s east coast. With more than 20 years in the industry and a large team of experts in fireworks, we have a strong track record in pulling off stunning choreographed displays that amaze and delight audiences.

Safety is our priority, and we’re supported by a risk management team and the right insurances, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Seamless setup completed without a hitch

You’ve been dreaming of this day forever. We take our job seriously and ensure that the planning, creation, and display of your wedding fireworks go off without a hitch. With thoughtful planning along the way and a discreet setup on the day — you can feel comfortable knowing your elegant display will be ready to create magic at the perfect moment.

We'll coordinate all of the details with your venue and wedding planner.

Wedding fireworks

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Create a moment of grandeur on your big day

A choreographed fireworks display, a sparkling fountain, or a confetti shower. Celebrate your happily ever after with a moment of grandeur.

You’ll get a price in 24-72 hours