Land Fireworks Display

Land Firework Packages

Our wedding land firework packages make a powerful impact on your special day — ensuring your big moment is one one that won’t be forgotten.

Bespoke land fireworks packages for your unforgettable fairytale moment

At Wedding Fireworks Queensland we specialise in captivating and dazzling fireworks displays that transform your wedding celebrations into pure moments of romance and wonder.

We offer a range of land firework package options for you to choose from — and then customise them to you.

Tailored land fireworks packages that celebrate your love story

Every couple’s journey is unique, and so is your love story. We believe that every element of your wedding should reflect you, too.

Our wedding land fireworks packages are tailored to you — we can create something special for you, or take as much guidance from you as you’d like — from soundtrack choices to colours to suit your wedding palette even down to your preferences of the type of fireworks that most make your heart sing.

With a range of land firework packages to choose from, you can opt for a package containing a fully customised fireworks soundtrack and choreography, or a soundtrack we create for you.

Whatever option you choose, we’ll work with you to create the perfect display to reflect everything that your wedding day and your love story means to you.

Our Land Firework Packages

Sparkle Package

Packages starting from:
$ 2,500 Cost Excl. GST
  • This vibrant display includes aerial shells and is a magnificent conclusion to your special event. It includes varying levels of our most popular effects, finishing with an explosive finale!

Glitter Package

Packages starting from:
$ 3,500 Cost Excl. GST
  • This spectacular display features our most popular choreography, from low level effects through to magnificent blooms of colour that light the sky, which is all choreographed to a Skylighter music soundtrack.

Ignite Package

Packages starting from:
$ 4,500 Cost Excl. GST
  • This is a dazzling display of breath-taking fireworks from start to finish, all choreographed to a customised music soundtrack.

Platinum Package

Packages starting from:
$ 6,000 Cost Excl. GST
  • This is THE ultimate fireworks display! We use all the effects you could possibly dream of – choreographed to a soundtrack of your choice. 

Mark the beginning of your bright, beautiful new chapter with a grand finale

What better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion in your life than with fireworks. For decades, fireworks have captured and kept the hearts of people young and old. We can’t think of a better way to end your wedding day and mark the impact of your love story. Can you?

Why say “I Do” with Wedding Fireworks Queensland?

An exciting & memorable moment

These stunning displays create a moment you and your soon-to-be spouse will cherish forever. Your guests will rave about it for years to come, too.

High-level service & dedicated planners

Once you book your display, you'll be assigned a dedicated planner who will work with your team to ensure everything runs seamlessly on the day.

Discreet setup & fully managed service

You don't have to worry about seeing crew running around your venue with supplies on the day. We work seamlessly in the background ensuring every aspect of our service is perfect.

All weather conditions

Your dedicated planner will come prepared to make sure your display works no matter the space or weather.

Seamless displays with detailed control

With the best technology available we have tight control over our fireworks and equipment. It's how we produce seamless firework and fountain displays.

Simply stunning choreography

Your wedding song or a custom soundtrack, you'll be amazed by the stunning choreography of your wedding fireworks. All in your chosen colours and feature effects.

The true magic of fireworks on your wedding day is hard to describe…

Imagine stealing a kiss and sharing a special moment, lit by the backdrop of a stunning fireworks display — as your guests’ gazes are drawn skyward. Our wedding fireworks perfectly encapsulate the excitement, romance, and impact of the day you say “I do” for those take-your-breath-away moments.

Get a quote or talk to us about your vision today

At Wedding Fireworks Queensland, we specialise in transforming an already deeply impactful moment into a magical experience that you and your guests will remember forever. Let us create a beautiful spectacle of light and colour to truly celebrate your big bright love.

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