Confetti Cannon Packages

Confetti Cannon Packages

Our confetti cannon packages bring excitement and a stunning shower of colour to the big moments of your wedding day.

Make the big moments ‘pop’

Make the most precious moments of your big day stand out with our hand-crafted Confetti Cannon Packages.

Our Confetti Cannons at Wedding Fireworks Queensland are all about creating instant joy and will make this day unforgettable for you and your guests.

Just imagine the vibrant backdrop of confetti painting the sky with colour, as you look towards the horizon and embark on your journey as a married couple.

Your day is about you — so we tailor everything to you

Your special occasion deserves special attention; we’ll sit with you to design a package that captures the uniquely beautiful love you and your partner share.

Our confetti packages come in a range of colours, materials and styles to compliment your wedding vision perfectly.

Our Spark Machine & Fountain Packages


Packages starting from:
$ 1,250 Cost Excl. GST
  • Imagine confetti raining down on you and your partner as you dance together for the first time as a married couple? Or shower you and your guests in confetti as you exit your wedding ceremony!

Fresh Rose Petals

Packages starting from:
$ 1,650 Cost Excl. GST
  • A spectacular shower of confetti and fresh rose petals will rain down around you as your photographer captures this once-in-a-lifetime moment! Your first dance could take place on an exquisite bed of petals and confetti, fit for a princess.

Bio Confetti

Packages starting from:
$ 1,250 Cost Excl. GST
  • Choose BioConfetti for your wedding celebration and embrace an eco-conscious, guilt-free option for confetti. Our product is water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable, ensuring a memorable confetti moment that dissolves harmlessly shortly after use. As global environmental awareness grows, opting for biodegradable wedding confetti paves the way toward a more sustainable future for celebratory traditions.

Hand Held Cannons

Starting from:
$ 35 + shipping
  • Handheld cannons offer an exceptional way to create an unforgettable moment at your wedding or outdoor event. Powered by a pressurized cartridge, these cannons deliver a professional confetti effect of your choice. With a simple twist of the base, confetti gracefully floats into the air, projecting up to 8 meters. These versatile cannons can be filled with streamers, confetti, bio-confetti, or custom mixtures to suit your preferences. Available in 40cm and 80cm lengths.

A spectacular twist on a tradition that’s been around for centuries

A dazzling display of confetti marks the moment you and the love of your life take your first steps into this next chapter. Your loved ones will be in awe as the beautiful ribbons of confetti float down around you.

The effect is a moment you’ll remember forever, filled with pure joy, a flood of colour, elegance and excitement.

Five big impact types of confetti to choose from

When you’ve been dreaming of this day your whole life, you deserve to celebrate your love in the biggest, brightest way possible! Choose from our large selection of colours to create the effect that showcases you; whether that’s a bright rainbow of colours, your wedding palette or another choice feels as right as the love you have for your partner.

You can also rest assured, all of our confetti is fire resistant.

We have five styles of confetti to choose from:

Colourful Tissue Confetti

Our tissue confetti offers excellent value for money thanks to its construction; our tissue confetti is made up of thin 2” x .75” confetti which is lightweight; meaning it floats in the air for longer, surrounding you with a huge burst of colour.

Twinkling Metallic Confetti

Great for daytime burst and evening celebrations, our metallic confetti looks ultra elegant and glimmers in the light. Your fairy-tale wedding will come to life when you see the twinkles of light dance around you and your guests, reflected off the metallic confetti.

Elegant Long Streamers

An elegant alternative to confetti, the long ribbons of streamers come in both tissue and metallic paper. With many colour options available, our streamers are a great choice for an easy clean up and minimal mess. Streamers are also great for their distance; so if you want an elegant, long-reaching confetti choice, our streamers are a perfect fit.

Want a multi-layered effect? You can also choose to mix confetti with streamers.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are the epitome of romance and what better way to celebrate your beautiful love than with a shower of rose petals on your special day. Rose petals are eco-friendly and an absolutely stunning addition for your ceremony or reception.

Environmentally Friendly Confetti

Choose BioConfetti for your wedding celebration and embrace an eco-conscious confetti for your big day. This confetti is water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable —making it a memorable confetti moment that leaves an impact on your guests, but not the environment. As global environmental awareness grows, opting for biodegradable wedding confetti is the perfect way to celebrate in a sustainable way.

Create the most stunning photo and video opportunities on your special day

Our Confetti Cannon packages will shower you in a stunning flood of colour as you share your first kiss, take to the dance floor, or make your grand exit.

This makes for the very best photos and video footage; with the twinkles of light dancing around you and your guests, reflected off the metallic confetti, the bright bursts of colour of the tissue confetti or the elegant long ribbons of streamer confetti.

The excitement and pure feeling of joy of being surrounded by confetti as you experience the big moments will shine through on your face too, which can be captured forever in photos and videos.

We can work in with your photographers and videographers, giving them all of the tips they need to capture the perfect shot from the perfect vantage point and at the perfect time.

Why say “I Do” with Wedding Fireworks Queensland?

An exciting & memorable moment

These stunning displays create a moment you and your soon-to-be spouse will cherish forever. Your guests will rave about it for years to come, too.

High-level service & dedicated planners

Once you book your display, you'll be assigned a dedicated planner who will work with your team to ensure everything runs seamlessly on the day.

Discreet setup & fully managed service

You don't have to worry about seeing crew running around your venue with supplies on the day. We work seamlessly in the background ensuring every aspect of our service is perfect.

All weather conditions

Your dedicated planner will come prepared to make sure your display works no matter the space or weather.

Seamless displays with detailed control

With the best technology available we have tight control over our fireworks and equipment. It's how we produce seamless firework and fountain displays.

Simply stunning choreography

Your wedding song or a custom soundtrack, you'll be amazed by the stunning choreography of your wedding fireworks. All in your chosen colours and feature effects.

Make the biggest parts of your special day even bigger with a magical explosion of colour and joy

Adding a confetti cannon package to your wedding celebrations isn’t just about the confetti itself. It’s a shower of happiness, a celebration of your huge love, an enhancement of the most impactful moments, and a statement you and your guests will remember forever. It’s the perfect way to add an extra touch of joy to the happiest day of your life.

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