Wedding fireworks Queensland

Our Story

Our mission is to create the fairytale experiences that will be imprinted in your mind forever

When we created Wedding Fireworks Queensland we wanted to do two things; 

We’re here to make your wedding an absolutely unforgettable celebration.

The Wedding Fireworks Queensland Promise

Your wedding is not just an event; it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey. Our promise is to make this start as magical as possible.

We take care of everything to do with your fireworks or effects for your wedding day, so that you can enjoy the experience of making a big statement on your wedding day without any extra stress. Our dedicated team is here whenever you need us, to discuss ideas or answer your questions. We’ll work with you to discover what your dream wedding effects look like and then put everything in motion to make it happen.

Our technology and products

We use only the best, highest quality and most visually stunning products. All of our products are safe, tried and tested, and stunningly beautiful. The technology we use, FireOne, is the best in the industry, giving us complete control over your fireworks and visual effects. The result is perfectly timed, seamless and perfect experiences.

All of our products and technology meet the strict Australian guidelines and standards.

Unmatched experience in QLD fireworks and effects

With over 20 years of experience in fireworks and hundreds of wedding fireworks displays every year, we live and breathe wedding fireworks. Our two decades of fireworks experience is unmatched in Queensland.

We deliver over 660 fireworks and special effects events per year.

With a large team and a dedication to providing personalised service, we have both the manpower to make your wedding display truly special, and the personalised attention to ensure that you get all the attention and effort your big day deserves.

We have an in-house Risk Manager who is highly experienced in weddings of all sizes — and even huge events such as the Commonwealth Games, and Taylor Swift and Coldplay concerts. So when you choose Wedding Fireworks Queensland, you can rest assured that you’re working with the best.

Safe, compliant and insured

On top of our focus on safety, our government-approved ‘Safety Management System’ for our operations, and our in-house Risk Manager, we also hold $20 million in Public Liability Insurance, with a claim and incident free record.

Excellent value; and well worth the investment

As direct manufacturers and importers of our products, we are able to pass savings directly onto you — you’ll get over 40% of extra value in your wedding fireworks show thanks to this benefit of working with us.

The cost investment of our fireworks and special effects are no more than a premium band or DJ; and the resounding feedback from our couples is that the impact and feedback they receive is well worth the investment.

We can cater to any space or conditions

We have our own custom-made products that are perfect for venues with strict sound restrictions, and we are able to design fireworks and effects displays for weddings and spaces of all sizes.

We are able to do low-noise, no-debris shows if that is your preference.

We have the experience, the technology and the products to make sure that your show is perfect for your wedding and space.

And if you’re worried about bad weather on your special day? You can rest assured, we work in all kinds of weather conditions and can adapt the plan if the weather changes to make sure you still get a magical show.

Our team is excellent at blending in to keep the surprise from your guests (or even the lucky couple) and can absolutely make surprise effects happen.

Creators of beautiful, unique, emotive wedding fireworks and effects experiences

We are genuinely passionate about creating the very best experiences and displays for you and your guests. We prioritise providing exceptional customer service and making your day as seamless as possible. We put a huge amount of time and effort into your display’s design, set up and perfect execution.

And, as we tailor your display to you, you’ll always get a never seen before display when you choose Wedding Fireworks QLD. We’ll take the time to get to know you, hear your ideas and dreams, and work within your budget to create something truly special.

We’re here to make your celebration of love as big, beautiful and spectacular as it can be

The true magic and extraordinary experience of fireworks and special effects and the lasting impression they make is what we are dedicated to creating for your big day.

We’re here to help you create that perfect moment, make a statement, and represent who you are in perfect fairytale moments.

Create a moment of grandeur on your big day

A choreographed fireworks display, a sparkling fountain, or a confetti shower. Celebrate your happily ever after with a moment of grandeur.

You’ll get a price in 24-72 hours